About the devezzfil

Ok. About Me. Hmm. I’m just an ordinary person with ordinary life and  have EXTRAordinay hope.

Here some information about this devEZZfil which is have meaning DEVic EZZalion FILbert, my net name.

This is me!

  • Location : Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • Y!M : devezzfil
  • Gtalk : devezzfil
  • FB : devezzfil [@]gmail[dots]com
  • Plurk : devezzfil
  • Twitter : devezzfil
  • Occupation : A student of a state university in East Java, medical student.
  • My Real Name : Afrian Danny S.

On the web, usually could be identified as :

  • Have XY cromosomes, or we usually call it Male.
  • On forum or whathever on the internet use “devezzfil” as my nick name
  • My hobby is about computing, blogging, reading, editing photo, and another -ing -ing. *lol*
  • My favorite book is about mistery, medicine, detective, and a fiction.
  • More about me? Who knows. . . Hehehe.

2 Responses to About the devezzfil

  1. bela says:

    Assalamualaikum, sya mau tanya untuk biaya kedokteran tahun 2015/2016 brp ya?

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